Enterprise-wide operational efficiency is vital for growing a healthy business. InfoPower’s fxDBO system offers your organization core ERP hospital applications to support:

  • Cost-effective hospital supply chain management
  • Stringent fiscal control
  • Streamlined human capital management

Our ERP healthcare solutions help integrate the needs of mission-critical areas through health care-specific scheduling, OR management, and enterprise intelligence. Having the right information at the right time helps organizations be proactive and improve mobility. Our fxDBO systems gives you access to:

  • Managerial dashboards
  • Budget versus actual reviews
  • Approvals for requisition and payment processing
  • Self-service human capital functions for managers and employees
  • Par level management and physical inventory cycle counts

The fxDBO system effectively helps streamline the entire enterprise continuum to integrate information flow between key areas. This vantage point gives you the comprehensive view you need to make beneficial resource and fiscal decisions.

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