Our Team

President & Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Prabir Dutt, B.Tech(IIT), Dr.rer.pol.,Dipl.-Ing.(Berlin), P.Eng, CPIM 

For over 50 years, Dr. Dutt has been involved in providing engineering design, manufacturing and industrial engineering, materials management, manufacturing management, and ERP systems software development and implementation services to numerous organizations world-wide. Extensive in-depth expertise includes project management, software design and development, client support, ERP/Supply Chain Mgmt./Maintenance system implementation with special knowledge of a wide range of  industries, from food processing to aerospace & defense. Experienced in resolving detailed process logic and control issues, multi-currency matters, activity based costing to determine non-value-added process elements, dealing with lean-six sigma issues  and complex customization.

 Chief Operating Officer- James E. Speer

Jim Speer has over 35 years of IT and  business systems implementation knowledge and experience in small and large companies.  As the Director of IT of a DOD manufacturer , he headed up the evaluation of over 50 leading ERP products before selecting fxDBO for his company.  Since the fxDBO implementation, the company grew from $18 million to over $80 million in sales and with more than double the number of employees.  After 9/11, the company was able to accommodate significant increases in regulatory requirements with minimal enhancements to the software. Right now they are in their 16th. year of continuous operation with  fxDBO.

Executive Vice President, Business Transformation – Gregory H. Irwin

Starting with a career at the U.S. Air Force, where he learned the value of creating and utilizing cross functional tiger teams to seek out and eliminate threats, Greg continued with operations and information technology management jobs at Lockheed Martin and Alcoa/Howmet. In the years that followed Greg held various sales, marketing and consulting management positions at Deloitte Consulting, Oracle Corporation, Info-Power International and Signum Group. While there he was able to significantly impact each company’s financial bottom line by leading his organizations in the identification and elimination of wasteful processes as well as the efficient and effective implementation of new technology. His wide-ranging consultancy experience and specialized fxDBO knowledge specifically enables him in creating solutions for increasing sales and profits by enhancing the way organizations interact with their technology, environment and each other.

Chief Technical Officer – Nandini Sarkar

Nandini Sarkar has over 20 years of in-depth experience in product development. She has been an integral part of the life cycle of creating new products and adding new modules to existing products in various organizations. She has been involved with fxDBO for over 10 years and has contributed substantially towards its evolvement over the years to a product built on modern web technologies. She brings with her an eye for detail in Design and UX, her passion to embrace new technologies and together with her team helps keep fxDBO in the fore-front of ERP products – functionally and technologically.

Vice President – Customer Services – Michael Velluso

As an experienced professional with over 15 year of International ERP Implementations, including fxDBO, Michael is highly skilled in establishing a rapport with clients that ensures maximum benefit of introducing comprehensive Enterprise Solutions. Michael’s perspective is that both the internal client and external client receive those benefits with better information flow, better data collection and analysis with improving automation of repetitive tasks. The process starts with listening to the client’s and business needs, and it concludes with making the end user very comfortable with the system and the client having data on how the company runs that they can use to strengthen and build their operation.

Chief Financial Officer – Rosita Noel

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