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    ERP of the Future Today - fxDBO
  • Composable

    COMPOSE-CONFIGURE your very own fxDBO
  • Rules

    Business Policy and Logic
    with unlimited scope and flexibility
  • Right Fit

    fxDBO - The Right Fit - CONTINUOUSLY
  • Services

    We provide full implementation, training & consulting
    We ensure your fxDBO implementation remains the right fit - ALWAYS
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    We are deeply involved with Implementation & Support
    Outstanding Expertise for every level of your business
  • Democratizing

    the ERP Ecosystem. License Fees Always Include ALL Modules.

Welcome to InfoPower fxDBO – ERP of the Future TODAY

fxDBO is a highly flexible and practically infinitely adaptable full functional ERP system with over 70 modules and designed to seamlessly operate in a multitude of diverse business environment, Manufacturing – from Aerospace and Defense to Repetitive, Process, or Discrete, Supply Chains, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Construction, Professional Services, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Execution Sytem, versatile complete Accounting, powerful Costing  including multi-level direct costing, independent Account Numbering and unlimited Chart of Accounts Structures and Hierarchies for consolidated and individual Units with multi-divisional P&L Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements.

  • 1
    Extensive Support
    Assistance at every level of business
  • 2
    Practically Limitless Flexibility
    Operate in a multitude of different business environment
  • 3
    Optimized and Scalable
    Optimize execution across your business networks
  • 4
    Professional Consultation
    Services to plan and deploy new technologies and business processes
  • 5
    Comprehensive Adaptation Services
    We make it our business to know your business
  • 6
    Business Policy, Logic and Intelligence
    After all it’s processes, not software that drive business

InfoPower Solutions

fxDBO Small & Medium Business ERP Suite

At  InfoPower we understand that small businesses are on a tight budget and sometimes don’t want or need to invest in a full blown ERP package and implementation. While the fxDBO license fee ALLWAYS includes ALL the 70 modules and the supporting full database , we offer packages composed/confugured to your business needs at a price you can afford. At the same time activating additional modules, as and when required by business demands, is thus readily available at no extra cost except for applicable additional implementation, adaptation and training services.

fxDBO Enterprise ERP Suite

As noted above, our highly flexible Enterprise Suite is designed to operate in a multitude of different business environments, from aerospace and defense to repetitive processes, or discrete manufacturing and multi-faceted supply chains.  Our Enterprise Suite is affordable enough for medium sized companies, and yet powerful enough to support even the largest corporations. fxDBO is one comprehensive ERP solution that will be there to support you in every stage of business growth.

fxDBO Contract, Construction and Project Manufacturing ERP Suite

Through multiple implementations of fxDBO’s Suite at many small to large multi-national corporations, specifically involved in the manufacturing of diverse products for  the Aerospace and Defense indutries,  fxDBO includes all the special features required to comply with the multitude of DOD and MMAS directives and guidelines. A special capability of  fxDBO ‘s WBS Management, which includes an earned value engine, is that the accounting system and the earned value module are part of the same application. Thus there is no data integration required to pull actual costs into the earned value module as would be necessary with a third party EVMS. The actuals are automatically tied to the WBS or cost account as defined by the applicable rules within fxDBO.


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